An Elderly Couple Took The Same Photo Every Season. Nothing Could Prepare Me For The Last One.

We do not need a lot of words when we’re looking at pictures. The same is true for the story that I would like to share with you today. It’s about this elderly couple who takes pictures together on the same spot at the front of their house every season.

The result? an amazing story of joy, hope, fear, love and lost. See how the story is told below:

01 - ys5hQTc

02 - bMteRO4

03 - pwgGpEi

04 - xEsjanL

05 - z4eXGHo

06 - dnoEVnU

07 - et5e6xf

08 - d5YqCnp

09 - Pvg0YID

And Then This Happened: =(

10 - EPDnR7C

Seriously. I went speechless after this. What a sad but truly moving ending. This really reminded me of the reality that everything has a time limit & that we should make the most of our lives to the fullest.

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