Original Jasmine From Disney’s Aladdin Sings “A Whole New World” Again After 22 Years

Here’s something only kids from the 90’s would understand. Lea Salongga, the original singing voice of “Princess Jasmine” From The Movie Aladdin Sings “A Whole New World” Once Again after 22 years. It’s magical. It’s amazing music to my ears. If you’re a kid of the 90’s and a fan of the movie, You need to see this.

Lea still has it. I closed my eyes and I can still clearly recall the time when princess Jasmine and Aladdin was riding the magic carpet all the way to China while singing this song. It’s a bummer though, Brad Kane the original Aladdin wasn’t the one singing this with her.

(Just for additional info, Jasmine’s speaking voice is provided by American actress Linda Larkin. Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga provides the character’s singing voice in the first Aladdin film.)

For the sake of re-living this wonderful song, here’s a footage of the two singing this in a studio back in 1992:

Do not forget to share this with your 90’s childhood friends! 😉

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